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Building a strong Nashville, TN DUI defense strategy

Posted September 18, 2014 - DUI Cases

Nashville, TN DUI defense lawyer Lee Martin explains how to build a solid DUI defense strategy for your upcoming court date

When evaluating the evidence against a client charged with DUI, an experienced DUI attorney will ask some basic foundation questions:

1.      Why was the motorist stopped?  An experienced DUI lawyer will determine whether the arresting police officer acted properly and in accordance with the law when making the first initial traffic stop.  Simply put a traffic stop must meet constitutional scrutiny in order for it to valid.  The arresting officer must have probable cause or legal justification to believe that either a crime or traffic infraction has occurred.  If an invalid traffic stop is made, an experienced Nashville, TN DUI defense attorney will challenge the evidence obtained during the stop.  This is the first building block in building a solid DUI defense strategy and it should not be overlooked. 

2.     Were the field sobriety tests administered correctly?  Field sobriety tests are the roadside tests given by law enforcement and they provide the basic foundation(s) for the arresting officer’s conclusion that the motorist was in fact under the influence or impaired.  So therefore, it is essential in building a solid DUI defense strategy to establish whether or not the arresting officer employed the correct techniques when administering the field sobriety tests.  Officers should be trained through an accredited agency before they can administer the field sobriety tests.

3.     Was the blood alcohol test (BAC) result accurate?  Breathalyzer machines are used to perform alcohol screening and they must be properly calibrated, maintained, and repaired.  Even when the machines are properly maintained and calibrated, (BAC) measurements can still be inaccurate.  Studies have shown that health issues such as acid reflux (GERD) and diabetes can cause Breathalyzer machines to register inaccurately.  In cases where blood tests are used, it is essential to establish that the protocols for labeling and storage of the blood vials were strictly followed, as well as making sure the blood test vials have not expired.  In short, Breathe and Blood testing protocols must be strictly followed in order to be for the test to be valid.

4.     Can expert testimony weaken the prosecution’s case?  The defense of a DUI case requires great attention to detail.  Many DUI cases are won on technicalities.  Lee Martin works with well-regarded experts who can challenge, develop, and point out weaknesses in the prosecution’s case.  It is essential for your Nashville, TN DUI defense attorney to have a network of experts at his or her disposal.  Expert DUI testimony can turn the tide in settlement and trial strategies.   An experienced Nashville, TN DUI defense lawyer will have access to and experiences using qualified DUI experts.

A strong DUI defense strategy depends upon an attorney addressing and answering the questions above.  Lee Martin is an experienced Nashville DUI defense lawyer who has the knowledge and experience to identify the key issues that are essential in defending DUI cases. 

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