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Archive: 2011

Franklin, Williamson County Domestic Assault Attorney

Posted August 30, 2011Lee Martin - Domestic Violence

Franklin TN domestic assault attorney explains what to expect in your Franklin domestic violence case.  If you have been arrested for domestic assault or domestic violence in Franklin or Brentwood,...

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Franklin Williamson County Domestic Violence Charges

Posted August 25, 2011Lee Martin - Domestic Violence

Domestic violence has become a growing concern for our society.  Domestic violence charges can range from a misdemeanor to felony depending upon the severity of the alleged violence. ...

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Finding the Right Franklin, Williamson County, Tennessee Criminal Defense Attorney

Posted August 15, 2011Lee Martin - College Students, Domestic Violence, Drug Cases, DUI Cases, Felony Cases, Misdemeanor Cases, Prescription Fraud, Shoplifting, White Collar Defense

Franklin TN DUI and criminal defense attorney explains why it is beneficial to hire an experienced criminal defense attorney.  There are several excellent DUI and criminal defense attorneys in...

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Nashville, Tennessee Expungement Programs

Posted August 10, 2011Lee Martin - College Students

Tennessee has only a limited number of deferral options that can help a defendant prevent a permanent conviction on their record.  These deferral programs may be limited to first-time or...

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Franklin, Williamson County, Tennessee Shoplifting Charges

Posted August 5, 2011Lee Martin - Shoplifting

Franklin TN shoplifting attorney explains that retail fraud and shoplifting charges are a major concern for retailers and local law enforcement in Franklin, Williamson County, Tennessee.  According...

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Bonnaroo Pitfalls explained by Nashville Criminal Attorney Lee Martin

Posted July 31, 2011Lee Martin - Drug Cases

As the 2011 version of Bonnaroo nears, I feel compelled to warn the many concert goers that Tennessee law enforcement is extremely strict in the enforcement of its drug laws and even targets the out...

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Tennessee Ecstasy Attorney-Tennessee Ecstasy Laws Are extremely harsh.

Posted July 25, 2011Lee Martin - Drug Cases

Ecstasy is a Schedule I Drug under Tennessee Law, which means you will face severe penalties if you are caught with it.  For that sole reason, Tennessee ecstasy cases require an experienced,...

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Nashville, Tennessee Simple Possession Attorney (Marijuana)-What College Students and Young Professionals need to know.

Posted July 20, 2011R. Lee Martin - College Students, Drug Cases

There is a common misconception among many college students, their parents, and young professionals in regards to marijuana charges. 

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First Steps in Protecting Your Rights

Posted July 18, 2011 - Articles

Franklin Williamson County DUI Attorney explains the first steps in protecting your rights after a DUI arrest.

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Nashville Criminal Attorney: What happens if I miss a court date?

Posted July 15, 2011Lee Martin - Misdemeanor Cases

If you missed a court date in Nashville, Tennessee for a criminal case, pay close attention.  The Judge most likely issued a CAPIAS or an arrest warrant for your failure to appear.  On top...

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