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Nashville DUI arrests; be careful with your words

Posted January 17, 2017Lee Martin - DUI Cases

I have viewed hundreds of DUI arrests over the past 20 years.  I have seen it happen time and time again.  The DUI accused thinks they are going to talk the arresting officer out of an arrest.  They think I have done it before with parking tickets and speeding tickets.  Why not a Nashville DUI arrest?  It only makes sense.  Surely, the police officer will understand.  What could possibly go wrong?  Let me give you some sound advice.  This is seldom a good idea.  It will only make your situation worse.

Most people arrested for DUI truly believe that they are not impaired by alcohol.  This is why the DUI accused wants the DUI officer to know that they are not impaired.  They reason that they are going to talk their way out of a DUI arrest and quickly be on their way home.  This is not the reality of a Nashville DUI arrest and the accused does more harm than good when they pursue this course of action.  These typical statements will not help your cause.

Please don’t say these things if you have been arrested for a Nashville DUI

  • I only had two beers.  I am not drunk.  This admission is not bad at first glance.  It clearly shows the investigating officer that you had a reasonable amount of alcohol and you should be well under the legal limit.  This is a bad idea because it is rarely the truth-a greater amount of alcohol is usually consumed.  More importantly, this admission gives the DUI officer all the evidence he needs in order to conduct field sobriety tests, which the motorist will surely fail.  This is where the DUI nightmare begins.
  • I don’t usually go out drinking.  This was a special occasion.  This type of reasoning may work with a traffic ticket but it never works when drunken driving is suspected.  Nashville had a zero tolerance policy when it comes to drunken driving.
  • I did not plan on driving.  The designated driver left me and I had no choice.  This may garner sympathy from your friends but it will not work with law enforcement.  Motivation or intent does not matter when it comes to Tennessee DUI laws.  DUI laws are extremely strict and unforgiving.

Everything you say can and will be used against you in a court of law

If this sounds to all familiar with you and you are facing DUI charges in the greater Nashville area, don’t further complicate the matter by trying to talk your way out of charges by calling the arresting police officer, District Attorney, or Judge.  Call an experienced DUI attorney immediately.  Save yourself the pain and embarrassment.  Let your attorney talk for you.

To learn more about Nashville DUI defense, I encourage you to watch the videos on my home page and read my blog posts.  If you have questions regarding a pending DUI charge in Nashville or the surrounding counties, please give me a call at 615-345-1988.  You have nothing to lose.  One call could make all the difference in the world.

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