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Tennessee Drug Distribution Charges

Posted August 6, 2013Lee Martin - Drug Cases

Drug dealers are often glorified in rap videos, TV shows and the movies.  Who can forget Scarface or the cash money brothers of New Jack City?  However if you are charged with drug distribution in Tennessee, you are facing some serious consequences and penalties.  These penalties are not so glamorous.  A lengthy jail sentence could ruin your life.  A Tennessee drug distribution lawyer is your best option if you have been arrested for a drug charge.  Call immediately there is not time to waste.  My direct line is 615-345-1988.  The quicker you call the sooner we can get to work on your case.

What does drug distribution mean under Tennessee law?

The distribution of drugs does not only refer to the selling of drugs to other people.  Distribution also involves making drugs and transporting them.  There are many illegal drugs in Tennessee such as cocaine, marijuana, heroin, and methamphetamine.  Prescription drugs are also included.  It is illegal to possess, sell, make, grow, or move these types of drugs.

When compared to a drug trafficking case, drug distribution is the lesser of the two crimes because it involves smaller quantities of the drugs.  For example, a drug dealer who only distributes a small amount of drugs will face less serious consequences than a drug trafficker who distributes drugs on a larger scale such as nationwide.  Distribution usually refers to street level drug crimes.

Enhanced penalties in Tennessee

Similar to other crimes in Tennessee, there are certain circumstances that may make a drug distribution charge even worse.  These factors include: the type of drugs found, the amount, where the drugs were being sold, and who they were sold to are all important factors.  Anyone caught distributing drugs near a school or to minors is facing more severe penalties.

Other penalties

It is not wise to go to court on a drug charge without a defense attorney.  You could be facing a lengthy jail term, community service, probation, and hefty fines.  Depending upon the facts of the case, you could go to jail for several years.  However, a solid defense could mitigate some of these consequences.

How a Tennessee drug distribution lawyer can help

Though it may seem like your chances of winning are slim, you can still mitigate the damages done by your recent arrest.  If you have no prior criminal record or no drug charges, you are off to a good start.  Your lawyer will be able to use your lack of criminal history to your advantage and help keep you out of jail.  You may even qualify for a diversion program that would make it possible to have your record expunged after the successful completion of probation.  In the past, I have been able to recommend drug treatment instead of jail time.  Sometimes, a drug court alternative may be the best option. 

If you need help with a recent Tennessee drug arrest, give criminal attorney Lee Martin a call at 615-345-1988.  He has over 16 years of experience and knows how to get results in drug cases.