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Tennessee Marijuana Cultivation Attorney

Posted July 18, 2013Lee Martin - Drug Cases

Tennessee Law Enforcement is Doling out Harsh Penalties for Marijuana Cultivation.

According to Tennessee law, the cultivation and farming of marijuana plants is completely illegal.  Drug cultivation is loosely defined as the encouraging of growth of an agriculture product.  So therefore, it is a crime under Tennessee law to grow, produce, and possess marijuana plants or seeds.  If caught in possession of either, the law will assume that they are used in the cultivation of marijuana.  It does not matter if the plants are not mature enough for harvest or if they are simply clones.  If you have been charged with marijuana cultivation, it is important to be proactive about defending your rights.  Often, local police think they have a major drug kingpin and in reality they only have a gentleman farmer who dabbles in growing marijuana as a hobby.

Drug cultivation charges are different from drug possession charges because the individual who is charged with cultivation may not possess the illegal drug in its final form.  For example, immature plants not ready for harvest are still considered to be illegal under Tennessee marijuana laws.  However depending on the ingredients and key components found, police officers may not have enough evidence to convict the accused party.  If you have been arrested for marijuana cultivation, talk to Nashville, Tennessee criminal attorney Lee Martin at 615-345-1988.  He has over 16 years of legal experience and knows how to challenge the evidence of a marijuana grow case.  His marijuana defense practice is statewide.  He knows the difference between a mature plant ready for harvest and a clone.

This offense is typically charged as a felony offense under Tennessee law because the law allows the police to weigh the entire plant as a whole.  Usually, the plant will be weighed roots and all.  It does not matter if part of the plant weighted cannot even be used to smoke. Here are the listed penalties for felony marijuana charges: 

  • 1/2 oz to 10lbs    1-6 years in jail    max fine of $5,000
  • 10lbs to  70lbs    2-12 years in jail   max fine of $5,000
  • 70lbs to 300lbs   8-30 years in jail   max fine of $200,000
  • Over 300lbs       15 to 60 years in jail   max fine of $500.000

Don't wait to seek legal representation.  Hire an attorney immediately.  Attorney Lee Martin is ready to provide you with a strong legal defense against drug crimes both in and out of the courtroom.  He has defended over 1500 criminal cases over the course of his 16 years of experience.  He wants to help you avoid the harsh penalties and jail time associated with the marijuana cultivation charges you are currently facing.  He is familiar with the defenses that can be used to challenge your charges and may be able to prove that your rights were violated by an illegal search.  It is unwise to show up in court without the benefit of an experienced criminal defense attorney.

Contact Nashville, Tennessee drug cultivation attorney Lee Martin today at 615-345-1988 to learn how you can effectively fight your charge.