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What should I do after being arrested for a DUI in Nashville, TN

Posted January 8, 2016Lee Martin - DUI Cases


What should I do after a DUI arrest in Nashville?

This is a common question I am asked several times a week and is a topic I have written on several times in the past.  However, it is still a subject that needs to be addressed yet again.  With that in mind, be advised that a DUI arrest is serious business and can result in mandatory jail time along with losing your ability to drive your car to work.  Here is a quick checklist that can help you prepare for your upcoming court date.

  1. Write a narrative of the events concerning your arrest.  Memories fade and it is important to write the events of your arrest while they are still fresh in your mind.  These facts contain crucial details that could help in the defense of your case.  To make sure you have accurate recall, write down all the events of your day from the time you woke up until the time you got out of jail.  Please include all activities of your day.  Focus on when and how much you made to drink and eat along with how much sleep you had in the past 24 hours.  Also, focus on any comments that the arresting officer said about your field sobriety tests and the arrest in general.  Try to be detailed as possible.  These facts will be necessary and provide the bases of your defense when you go to court.
  2. Consult with a qualified DUI attorney immediately. Contact an attorney who has experience in dealing with DUI defense.  If you were arrested in Nashville, hire a Nashville based attorney.  Please be honest with the attorney during the initial consultation.  Describe the facts of your arrest, your personal situation, and your major concerns.  Ask the attorney questions about his or her experiences in defending Tennessee DUI cases.  Be sure to discuss the possible penalties and range of plea options.  Chose the right attorney for your case and your goals.  A qualified DUI attorney will provide the best options for your particular goals.  Again, please be honest in your discussions with your attorney.
  3. Set and determine your personal goals for the case. No one wants a conviction for DUI.  They do not want to go to jail, pay fines, be on probation, and lose their ability to drive.  But remember, your goals should be in line with the facts of your case.  A dismissal of all charges is unlikely in most cases where there is an accident and high blood alcohol test.  Even when a case presents difficult facts and a dismissal is highly unlikely, a reasonable plea bargain can still be reached if the accused approaches their case in reasonable and logical manner. An experienced DUI lawyer will be able to help you set reasonable goals and steer your defense in the right direction.
  4. Stay away from social media. Please do not post the facts and circumstances of your arrest on social media.  There is likelihood that the arresting officer or prosecutor could see your posting(s) and use the information against you in court.  Likewise, they could also review your social media accounts for any information that shows the glamorization of drugs and/or alcohol.  If found, this information will be used against you and could make it difficult to settle your case with a favorable outcome.  For this reason, I strongly suggest you review and clean up any prior social media postings.
  5. Do apologize for your DUI arrest. Please do not go on social media to apologize to your Facebook friends for your DUI arrest.  Likewise, do not contact the arresting officer and apologize for your actions unless your attorney specifically advises for this action.  Just remember, anything you say -can and will be used against you in a court of law.  If you feel the need to apologize, there will be plenty of time to do so once your case in resolved.  Until then, just hold off on all apologizes.  There is a time and place for everything.
  6. Don’t have any further alcohol related incidents.  I cannot stress this point enough.  Please do not get arrested or cited for another criminal charge that involves alcohol.  I have had many DUI cases where I have gotten the prosecutor to agree to a reduction of charges and later have these efforts negated due to the fact that my client had another alcohol related incident.   This is especially true for DUI’s as well as minor charges like public intoxication.

To learn more about Nashville DUI defense, I encourage you to watch the videos on my home page and read my blog posts.  If you have questions regarding a pending DUI charge in Nashville or the surrounding counties, please give me a call at 615-345-1988.  You have nothing to lose.  One call could make all the difference in the world.

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