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Tennessee DUI Checklist

It can be very frightening to be arrested for drunk driving and many people are not certain what to do after their arrest. The first thing you should do is contact an experienced Nashville DUI lawyer as soon as possible, so that your attorney can begin developing your defense.

Your attorney will investigate your cases and look for solutions to avoid conviction. Your attorney can also help you to explore the possibility of plea bargaining or diversion programs in order to avoid the most serious criminal penalties under Tennessee DUI law. Your DUI lawyer can also formulate DUI defenses to your case.

You should find a lawyer to advocate on your behalf right away because there are specific steps that should be taken to protect your rights and help you build a strong case. The following DUI checklist illustrates some of the many things that your attorney will help you accomplish after your Tennessee DUI arrest.

Five Steps You Should Take After Your Tennessee DUI Arrest

Five things that you should do after your arrest include:

  • Obtain a copy of all evidence that the police and prosecutor possess.  This includes the police report, audiotapes, photographs, video tapes, information on your BAC test and anything else that the prosecutor is planning to use against you. The prosecutor is required to give you all of this information so you can build a defense. Your TN DUI lawyer will petition the court, filing a motion to request that the prosecutor turn over everything you need.
  • File pretrial motions that could help your case. A pretrial motion is a request for a certain court ruling (such as excluding certain evidence) before the trial starts. In some cases, you can file motions that could result in the dismissal of your case or reduce the chances of the prosecutor successfully proving your guilt. For example, a motion to suppress can be filed if police gathered evidence from you in violation of your constitutional rights.  If the motion to suppress is granted, then the evidence would be kept out of court and could not be used against you.
  • Evaluate your case and formulate a strategy. With the help of a Nashville DUI lawyer, you need to consider the evidence against you as well as any possible defenses that you may be able to raise. Based on the information available, you will need to decide whether to enter a plea agreement or whether to go to court to pursue a not-guilty verdict.
  • Enter a plea agreement if there are no viable defenses. A plea bargain can allow you to face lesser charges or lesser penalties. When you enter a plea agreement, you should always ensure your attorney has worked to negotiate the best deal with the prosecutor and/or has a strong argument ready for a sympathetic judge about why leniency is required in your case.
  • Prepare for the worst outcome. You should always be prepared in case things go wrong, such as a loss at trial or an unsympathetic prosecutor or judge. Attending AA meetings and getting an alcohol evaluation can be useful since they may help you to make a stronger case for leniency.

An experienced Tennessee DUI lawyer will help you to complete all of the steps on your checklist and do everything possible to ensure that you secure the most favorable outcome possible given your situation.

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