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Alcohol and Drug Treatment

Alcohol and Drug Treatment:  The role that alcohol and drug abuse plays in Nashville’s criminal justice system.

Unfortunately, legal problems and substance abuse go hand and hand.  This is especially true in DUI and drug cases.  If your substance abuse has landed you in court, it is important for your attorney to understand the role that drugs and alcohol played in your recent arrest.  It is important to choose a lawyer who can protect your rights in court but also assist you in getting the treatment you need.  In some instances, getting alcohol or drug treatment can have a very positive impact on the outcome of your criminal case and an experienced criminal defense attorney can capitalize on your treatment.   Sometimes, alcohol and drug treatment can place the criminally accused in the best possible position.

If you have legal troubles combined with drug or alcohol problems, call Nashville DUI and criminal defense attorney Lee Martin at 615-345-1988.

Lee has over 18 years of legal experience and he knows how to get results in DUI, drug cases, domestic violence, and all other types of criminal cases.  You will able to benefit from his nearly two decades of experiences of helping people in the greater Nashville area and throughout Tennessee.  Put his years of experiences to work for you.

Talk to Lee Martin first

If you have been charged with a crime, it is important to discuss your case with an attorney first and not the police.  Trying to explain how your substance abuse problems led to your legal trouble may seem logical, but the police may not be so sympathetic.  Remember, they will use everything you say against you in court.  So therefore, keep your mouth shut and do not say anything.  You are not going to talk your way out of your legal troubles.  In fact, talking to the police can only make your problems worse.

If you are facing domestic violence charges and a pending divorce, do not talk to other party’s lawyer about your substance abuse problems.  These communications will likely be used against you in both your criminal and divorce proceedings.  This could lead to you going to jail and loosing custody of your child.  Again, keep your mouth shut.  This is always the wise choice.

Where to go and get treatment?

I have networked with a variety of Tennessee alcohol and drug treatment facilities over the past 18 years.  I know how to coordinate you treatment with your pending criminal charges.  Substance abuse treatment can be an essential part of getting a favorable outcome in court.  For example, a judge will normally look more favorably upon a person accused of DUI who seeks alcohol treatment.  This shows that the DUI accused is addressing their problems so that they will not re-offend.  Sometimes, treatment can be the silver lining to an otherwise bad situation.

What to do next?

Contact an experienced DUI and criminal defense attorney immediately.  Call Lee Martin at 615-345-1988 and learn how to use his years of experiences to your advantage.  Call now while the events of the arrest are still fresh on your mind.

I help good people restore their lives

-Lee Martin is a nationally recognized DUI and criminal defense attorney providing premier legal services by limiting his caseload exclusively to DUI and criminal matters.  He knows how to build a solid defense strategy for your upcoming court date.  Let Lee Martin be your choose as your Nashville area criminal defense lawyer.   If you have pending charges, give me a call at 615-345-1988.

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